Full Time Writer and Marketer, Part Time Blood Elf

Imagine waking up when you feel fresh and rested and with no help from an alarm. Imagine staying home with your kids or dog all day, and still making a comfortable living.

Hi, my name is Britt Malka. And that’s how I live, and even though I’m grateful for every day, I realize that luck has little to do with where I am today.

My real life began in 1995. I was 34, and woke up one Monday morning thinking, “How I wish it were Friday.”

There and then I decided that I wouldn’t waste my life, waiting for time to pass, so I worked out a plan and quit my job soon after.

Sure, it’s wonderful to be your own master, but obviously there are downsides, too, like having little money to begin with. I wasn’t bestowed with an “overnight success”.

What’s a typical day like for me now?

I get up seconds or a few minutes after I wake up. And I wake up when I’m rested. That could happen any time between 5 am and 9 am. Sometimes even earlier or later than that.

In the summer, I shower first thing, and after I’ve taken my dog out, I write fiction and drink hot water with lemon, cold water with lemon, and then coffee.

When I’m done with the fiction I want to write that day, I check Skype for messages, then I work on a new product, and when I’ve written my daily goal, I check emails.

After that I write three emails, one for each list I run.

Then I learn something new that will help me run my business better. When I learn something interesting from a product, I share it with my list.

Wanna stay in touch?

I would love to send you mails. I strive to be both personal and entertaining in my mails, so you shouldn’t be bored. If you think you already get way too many mails, you’re probably right about that. Personally, I unsubscribe from all the impersonal ones that contain nothing but boring sales pitches. I pitch, too, but I make it worth your time to read the mail 😀

Anyway, if you’re interested, then send a mail to and I’ll put you on my list.

Hope to see you soon, and if you sign up, please reply to my mails. I love to get mails from subscribers and to keep in touch with them.